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Keeping your account safe and secure is our highest priority.  We have added Text Fraud Alerts as part of our debit card protection program.


You will soon begin receiving text alerts when suspicious activity is detected on your debit card.  If you receive a “fraud alert,” reply Yes or No to confirm or deny the activity.  If you reply No (confirms the activity is fraudulent), you will quickly receive a follow up text to let you know that a SHAZAM fraud specialist will call you soon to help protect your account.  We will also automatically block your debit card to prevent any additional fraudulent activity.


If you reply Yes (confirms the activity was legitimate), you can continue to use your debit card as normal.  If you do not reply to the text, or your phone number is not a mobile number, we will attempt to reach you via automated voice call.


Text message alerts from: 72718

Automated phone calls from: (855)219-5399


Make sure to save these numbers to your contacts so you do not miss any alerts.  This added protection to your debit card is automatic and text message alerts are free.


If you would receive one of these text messages you do have the ability to opt out, however we do not recommend doing this as these automated messages will stop fraud more quickly.  When you receive your first text message, you can simply text or select “STOP” to opt out.


If you have any questions, or ever see a suspicious transaction on your debit card, please contact us to speak with your local bank representative.


Important: We will never request card or account information via text, phone or email.

SHAZAM is our debit card processor.



John Gill, President and Chief Operating Officer of Citizens Alliance is pleased to announce the continued commitment and support to the City of Clara City. Recently, a Series 2018A general obligation bond was purchased to support certain well-needed infrastructure improvements within Clara City. This bond is for the benefit of residents of Clara City and the surrounding communities. Click here to learn more!



If you plan on traveling domestically or outside of the United States, call your local Citizens Alliance Bank location prior to leaving to help avoid interruptions with your Bank issued Debit Card and/or Credit Card.