At Citizens Alliance Bank, our loan decisions are made locally and our bankers understand that no two business are alike. We continually strive to identify and consider factors specific to your situation and design a loan package that fits your needs.

Agricultural Installment

Use our agricultural loans to buy land or equipment or for operating capital. We will make the effort to understand your farm operation, and repayment terms can be designed to match your farm cash flow. When appropriate, we work with the Farm Service Agency.

Commercial Installment

Finance major purchases or cash flow. We will make the effort to understand your business, and repayment terms can be designed to match your business cycle. When appropriate, we work with the Small Business Administration.

Lease Program

Citizens Alliance Bank has developed a commercial leasing program in response to your need for quick convenient and flexible leasing arrangements. Talk to one of our bankers to see if our tax beneficial lease program is right for your business.

Letters of Credit

Citizens Alliance Bank offers Letters of Credit to businesses to facilitate purchases through vendors.

Lines of Credit

A business line of credit gives you more flexibility in financing your business growth. Citizens Alliance Bank offers both secured and unsecured revolving lines of credit depending on your needs. Your plan will be structured to meet the specific needs of your business.

Real Estate

We provide commercial real estate loans and construction loans to buy or build the shop, warehouse, apartment complex or rental property to grow or expand your business. Our experienced loan officers can help guide you through the process seamlessly with years of knowledge and expertise. We also offer Small Business Administration (SBA) loans to help your business and your financial needs.