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Reporting Fraud

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Can you answer “Yes” to any of the following:

  • Have you been instructed to wire, send or ship money as soon as possible?
  • Have you received a payment with instructions to send funds back?
  • Have you been informed that you are the winner of a lottery that you did not enter?
  • Have you been asked to pay money to receive a payment from another country?
  • Did you respond to an e-mail requesting you to confirm, update or provide account information?
  • Did you respond to an Internet pop-up or advertisement?
  • Have you received a payment for an item you sold on the Internet?

If so, you may be a victim of identity theft or fraud, Citizens Alliance Bank suggests taking these steps to report it:

  • Contact your local Citizens Alliance Bank location immediately or call (844)772-4258 and we will help guide you through the necessary steps to protect your account(s) and personal information.  If you are calling after normal business hours, please leave a message with your phone number and someone will return your phone call the next business day.
  • Contact your local police department to file a report.
  • Contact one of the following major credit reporting agencies to place a fraud alert on your credit report.
  • Keep documentation of your contacts and activities regarding the incident for future reference.