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Mission & Values

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Citizens Alliance Bank and Citizens Alliance Agency are committed to remain a high performing, trusted and secure, independent community bank and agency in the communities we serve.


Providing opportunities for employees, customers, and communities.


Humility, Respectful, Finds a Way, Effort and Owning it; these are our core values. These are essential and timeless guiding principles which define us in our simplest form. If we change industries tomorrow, these values do not change. They follow us wherever we go. If we go forward without them, then we are lost and do not know where we are headed.

  • Humility: We are “blue-collar bankers”. We are relatable, down-to-earth people who greet our smallest customer the same way we greet our largest.
  • Respectful, genuine care for others: We care about each other, we care about our customers, and we care about our communities.
  • Finds a Way: This simply put, is nothing more than attitude. It’s a can-do spirit, a desire to help, to contribute, to go above and beyond, and to make a difference.
  • Effort: We expect a lot of ourselves and hold ourselves to a high standard. We are not entitled, and we need to earn it from our customers and each other every day.
  • Owning it: Owning it is a big word that can encompass a great many things. For Citizens Alliance Bank, it’s about ownership. When an employee says they will do something, they follow through and get it done.