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Press Release - Citizens Alliance Bank has Acquired Granite Mountain Bank

As of the close of business on June 2, 2023, Citizens Alliance Bank (CAB) successfully completed the acquisition of Granite Mountain Bank (GMB), a reputable state-chartered bank headquartered in Philipsburg, Montana. The acquisition encompasses GMB’s branches in Butte, Drummond, and Philipsburg, ensuring a seamless continuation of the bank’s unwavering commitment to community banking and preserving the exceptional level of customer service that GMB customers have come to rely on.

From the period of June 3, 2023, until August 5, 2023, former Granite Mountain Bank customers may continue to use their existing debit cards and check stock. Beginning August 5th, 2023, former Granite Mountain Bank customers will be transitioned onto Citizens Alliance Bank’s core system computer platform. Former Granite Mountain Bank customers will be kept apprised of changes related to this conversion over this summer. You will be notified in a timely manner to enable you to stay connected to your banker and your accounts. Please check back on this website periodically for updates. However, be assured that your bankers in Butte, Drummond, and Philipsburg have your best interests in mind and intend to guide you through the August 5th conversion with great attention to detail.

As an independent community bank head quartered in Clara City, Minnesota, with assets exceeding $1.3 billion, CAB has already established a strong presence in Montana through its offices in Great Falls, Seeley Lake, and Lincoln. The addition of GMB further solidifies CAB’s position as a dedicated and community-focused financial institution, extending its reach and enhancing its ability to serve the needs of customers throughout the region.

As a result of this acquisition, GMB customers can anticipate a gradual introduction of exciting new banking products and services. These enhancements will include the availability of bank-sourced Visa credit cards, cutting-edge digital banking technologies, including rapid P2P (person to person) paperless payment transfers, expanded access to the secondary real estate lending market, and an increased bank-lending limit. Through these developments, CAB reaffirms its commitment to local community banking, with a focus on delivering an enhanced and comprehensive banking experience for GMB customers.

Citizens Alliance Bank eagerly looks forward to the opportunity to serve these communities and build upon the strong foundation that Granite Mountain Bank has established over the years. With a shared dedication to exceptional customer care and a steadfast commitment to the prosperity of the local communities, CAB is excited to embark on this new chapter, continuing to deliver the highest quality financial services and support to GMB customers.

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